Dr Gerry Kearns

B.Sc.(hons), PG.Cert ,
PG.Dip, M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D

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About me:

Dr Gerry Kearns

B.Sc. (hons)Soc, Pg. Cert. (CogBehPsy), Pg. Dip. (CogBehPsy), M.A.(Cantab), M.Phil (Crim), Ph.D (Crim)


I have 25 years experience working in mental health as a therapist, university lecturer and researcher.

I practice as a cognitive behavioural therapist because as a senior research fellow in mental health research I believe that therapeutic practice should be informed by sound scientific principles and evidence of what works.

I trained as a therapist at the University of Derby unit for psychotherapeutic research and practice, gaining my clinical experience within the NHS. I have wide experience over the spectrum of mental and emotional disorders, although I have special interest in anger and anxiety problems, depression and in chronic worry.

I have also held both lectureships and senior research posts at Charing Cross Medical School’s Department of Behavioural Medicine, The University of London’s Centre for Research on Drugs and Health Behaviours, DeMontfort University and the University of Warwick Medical School.

I have also advised and conducted long term research for a number of official bodies including the Department of Health (ethnographic research on the health behaviours of opiate users) the NHS (the development of NHS risk assessment protocols for suicide, self harm and violence), the Home Office (10 year research on severely mentally disordered offenders), the Lord Chancellors department and the Economic and Social Research council (offenders pleading “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity”).

Following a first class degree, I gained post graduate qualifications from the University of Cambridge Institute of Criminology where I specialised in research in the treatment of mentally disordered offenders.  I was awarded my doctorate by research conducted in collaboration with the police on how officers negotiate and deal safely with mental health emergencies.

As both a therapist and an academic researcher it is important to me that research informs treatment.  I have combined these elements within my own therapeutic practice and only use methods that are known to be effective and which are supported by up to date research.