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Confidentiality & Professional Standards


In general all aspects of therapy are entirely confidential and any breach of this central trust is an extremely rare event which would only be acted upon after proper and due consideration and discussion where possible.

You may have concerns about what type of information is kept in records in relation to mental health, the ease by which it is accessed, the passing of information between agencies and the security of that information.

It is therefore important that you are clear what the boundaries of confidentiality are.

Potential exceptions to confidentiality are if given a strong reason to believe that a client is at a serious risk of harm to others or themselves; or if a client reveals the commission or knowledge of a serious crime. This is both a legal and ethical requirement of professional practice.

The risk of harm should be qualified as many clients commonly have suicidal thoughts or may be engaging in behaviours that are harmful. However, there is a major qualitative difference between a client having suicidal thoughts and another informing me that they have bought the rope and plan to use it.

The terms of confidentiality will be fully discussed at the onset of therapy.

NOTES: Short notes are made after each session in order to record the progress of therapy and to help prepare for upcoming sessions. These notes can be seen by the client at any time.  These notes are entirely confidential in normal circumstances, although in theory they can be made subject of a legal order.

Professional Practice

In line with the good practice requirements and ethical guidelines of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapists (BABCP), my clinical practice is subject to regular supervision by an approved clinical supervisor where I may discuss particular aspects of a case. In practical terms the identity of the client is unknown to the supervisor.

In addition, my professional practice is subject to continuous professional learning in order to maintain adherence to current evidence based practice.